About Oneplaybook 📔

Oneplaybook is a web app that allows you to quickly get started building federated internal wikis (aka connected 'second brains') that allow you to more easily co-create and share useful knowledge and related tools with others around the world with TiddlyWiki, a popular open source non-linear note taking app that is used by many knowledge workers today. Unlike most commercial wiki software services and other similar software-as-a-service solutions, Oneplaybook offers you ways to keep data on servers/cloud services you trust instead of forcing you into our own backend solution. In fact, we don't have any servers to begin with for you to worry about!

Instead, this web app acts as an offline-ready, intermediary app between you and your self hosted data, giving you a managed app service experience while keeping your data firmly in your hands. It also allows you to fork a copy of the software and modify/remix and release your own copy the app under MPL-2.0 licensing!

We at Oneplaybook are also constantly creating new ways to organize and collaborate on knowledge between individuals and teams. We welcome you to use our projects for free, and we also welcome you to the wider TiddlyWiki community.